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II/. The pixiebob's standard
Part 4: The temperament of the pixiebob

Intelligent beyond belief.
Busy but never hyperactive.
Exhibit an unusually strong bond with their family.
Excellent companions for children.
Love to travel in the car.
Will train easily to walk on a lead.
Will train to fetch (many do this without training).
Perfect house or flat pets.
Extremely quite with an occasional chirp or chatter.
Gets along well with other animals.
Loves to play.

Carol Ann Brewer

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"Farwest Pixiebobs are cats who think they are cowboys"

Pixie-Bobs are large and look like small bobcats. They are known to be very intelligent. The only odd thing about them is that they act like dog! They play fetch and walk on a leash!...

People should know how wonderful the pixiebob is with childre So helpfull in many cases. Due to its gentle, so gentle temperament.

Kindness! : Never agressive, the pixiebob is a very cuddly cat. It is the friend of all the family. The pixiebob shows its attachment by following everywhere one or the other of its human family. Everywhere! Always calmly. Always present.

As should be the case of any balanced and intelligent animal, a real pixiebob will always prefer to go to hide rather than scratch when something scares it! Most of the time it is just friendly and cuddly. Read a book, or watch television and you will find that a pixiebob will be quick to come snuggle! They are very friendly, especially compared to some other cats.

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One of our baby male (5 month old here) and his 4,5 years master
the pixiebob excels with children and builds strong attachment to family members, including other animals, especially the dogs!

Playful!: Our pixiebobmakes us think of a puppy! She is always asking us to play with her, holding the toy she would like us to play with in her big teddy-bear paws. When she is excited, super happy, she joyfully wags her little tail!

Leash Training

The doglike personality of the pixiebobPixie Bobs do very well with leash training and can be taken for walks. It is important to chose a full body harness when attempting to take your Pixie Bob outside for a walk. This way you and your Pixie Bob can enjoy the outdoors - without the dangers.

Discreet...: Its mewing is low, but is heard and understood by its beloved master.

Léo'Malley du Farwest, 10 months ol pixie-bob male
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Clean: Like all cats that respect themselves (and it is in this case!), it will always go to its litter box... subject of course to it being regularly cleaned.

It will take a pixiebob 4 years to fully mature!... The male pixiebob averages 12 to 22 pounds and the female pixiebob averages 8 to 12 pounds.

last updated: 01/17/2016

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