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IV/. Farwest pixiebobs
Part 4: FarWest Past kittens

Why a FarWest pixiebob kitten is SO SPECIAL?

My program has been based on two cats: one bought to Carol Ann Brewer, the breed founder: Omega Ranch's Booba of FarWest, and another one that I saw on the website of a breeder, and fell in love with the picture: it was the majestic Meow Gibson of FarWest :o). These two cats have became my fondations cat.

My fondation queen's dam line used to trace right back to Pixie. The Dam line is VERY important in any breeding program, although some breeder forget that and take care only of the dad...... and show only males. I was proud to have HUDGE, beautiful, very wild looking, with strong pedigree females in my program. My fondation male, Meow Gibson has given to my lines big bones, stunning faces with large muzzle.

I have kept THE BEST of these fondations cats, and have added a queen from the largest lines in the World: bobcatlegend's Buck's Best Shot of FarWest.

Then, I still have kept the best out of her: her son, the stunning hudge, show quality Wild Boy du FarWest.

Bred to my StoneIsland's lines, Wild Boy has continued on improving the look of the famous Farwest pixiebobs kittens.

Then, I decided to improve it all, adding some Russians fabulous lines, very strong and healthy, and the very serious Line of Astonwood (breeder: Kyle Fuller, USA, FL)

The kittens I am producing now out of Stoneisland, Twinkletoes, Dixiepixie blood lines, and of brand new lines: Astonwood, Legendtales, and some of the most beautiful russian lines!

Here are my past kittens:

long hair pixiebob kitten
Diégo Lucky Luke Lion des Steppes La Fayette
Native Baloo LéOMalley Mon Indienne
chaton pixiebob poil long chaton pixiebob CHATON PIXIEBOB FEMELLE male pixie bob kitten
Lenny K L'ourse Fauve Jojoba
pixiebob kitten chaton pixie bob pixiebob kitten
Hidao Gribouille L'indien Heeboo Jumbo

Gio Henri Cat Petite Ourse

fantastic eyes on this baby pixiebob kitten
Eliot Foxworth Eté Indien Edouardo Légende
female pixie bob kitten
L'Etoile du Shériff Limited Edition Liberty Flambeau 
pixiebob kitten bred by N Bent
large and wild looking pixiebob kitten large and wild looking pixiebob kitten PIXIE-BOB
Chance Pumba
A Big Bad Boy Copain
pixiebobs kittens
Vi Tess Duma Hakoona Matata Cheyenne

pixie bob

Helwë Lancelot Uptoyou Un Million de Dollars
pixie-bob pixiebob
Uncle Sam
Papillon Louis d'Or
chaton pixie bob poil long polydactyle pixiebob kitten pixiebob kitten for sale short hair pixiebob male
Jaffar Louve des Steppes Jo Le Bandit Lewis
chaton pixie bob male young pixiebob stud bred by N Bent pixiebob kitten bred by N Bent pixie bob kitten
Loup des Steppes A Wild Boy A Big Bad Girl L'AmericaNino
pixie-bob kitten pixiebob
Loupiotte US Marine Lynx Bang Bang Watson
Chase Michelle Kaya Aspen
Theo Ramses Mia Bagheera

last updated: 8/25/16

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