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Part 1: Selectging the best: a high quality breeding program

"I knew, almost at once, that we, breeders, have the challenge to preserve and develop that ethereal wildness, an unforgettable way in which Pixie Bob cats glance, move, look and carry themselves." - The Online Magazine of pixiebobs - November 6 2008.

North American Bobcat also known as bay lynx photo Jens Klingebiel

I believe that we, breeders, have the challenge to preserve and develop that ethereal wildness, an unforgettable way in which Pixie Bob cats glance, move, look and carry themselves...

My pixiebobs are MASSIVE spotted CATS with BIG BONES, a super intelligence, an unforgettable wild look and a dog like personality!

They have the wild appearance of the bobcat, but they also possess loyalty and courage.

FarWest Cattery is a very small cattery...Although my cats may look wild, no captive bobcats are used in my breding program.. I have been looking for the healthiest cats, the wildest look, the biggest bones, and the sweetest and most intelligent temperament for our breeders.

I couldn’t ask for more charming, loving companions. I am having about one litter per year

I have the honnor to have been mentored for 6 years by the breed founder, Carol Ann Brewer. I have learnt a lot... and I now remember it all to improve the look of the pixiebobs I am breeding, here in Europe. I export my kittens in the entire world, including, of course, the United States.

Les Vosges - Alsace © bluesky6867

The coastal red bobcat weighs 12 to 24 lbs and is one of the smallest bobcats. It corresponds to one of the twelve bobcat sub-species. Of the many subspecies, only one looks like the standard that was written for the breed. It is the Coastal Red Bobcat that the pixiebob's standard is written after.

Young North American Bay Lynx
© Dennis Donohue

The term Coastal Red Bobcat was taken from an article that Carol Ann Brewer, Founder of the breed, read, writen by a Fish and Games Biologist. It is a pet name for the Nothwestern Bobcat, Bay Lynx or Lynx Rufus Faciatus... So, it is the look of the Bay Lynx that we, at FarWest pixiebobs are seeking, and none of the traits of any other wild cats.

tail with rings and black at the end

rouded ears, terminated by a short lock of black hairs. Back of the ears: black with a white spot in the middle.

two of the caracteristics of the bobcat that distinguishthe Bay Lynx from the other lynx: a ringed tail (wheras the lynx has only the end of the tail black), the ears are smaller rounded with a lock of black hairs a lot smaller than those of the lynx, and a white spot that reminds us of a looking eye (that the lynx does not have) A bobcat has shorter ear tufts, shorter legs, bare foot pads and longer tail than the lynx. (Source: société de la faune et des parcs du Québec 2002, with our thanks for its authorisation to use this document)

To learn more about the differences between a Red Coastal Bobcat or Bay Lynx, a jungle cat and an asian leopard, click here!

The pixiebob's look is NOT the look of a jungle cat, an asian leopard or of a lynx

North American Bobcat Closeup © Dennis Donohue

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