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VI/. You & Your pixiebob
Part 1: Selecting the best pixiebob kitten

When searching for the perfect pixiebob, people need to consider a couple things.

Sometimes jealous breeders will say nasty things about breeders that breed superior cats… So the best thing to do is to check by yourself, and believe in yourself.

If you are considering a pixiebob to breed, then you should concentrate on the lines and background of the kitten you are in love with. Strong blood, old lines wellknown for their strength and beauty are a must. Having a dam line tracing right back to Pixie is a rare case that a few breeders may be able to propose. Rare and probably expensive. Make sure that you have a contract that makes you the official and complete new owner of the cat you are buying. Some contracts contain some abusive restrictions. Get some advises of wellknown breeders before signing such contracts.

If you are considering a pixiebob to show at cat shows, then you should concentrate on physical characteristics.

If you are considering a pixiebob as a pet, then you should concentrate on the pixiebob’s personality. The “right” personality will create a long-lasting bond with your pet that will last the life of the pet, and creates the most happiness.

Some people become side-tracked by having a pixiebob with the perfect tail. The first pixiebob (Pixie) actually had a long tail. The reason there is a pixiebob breed is because of Pixie’s (first pixiebob) personality. Carol Ann Brewer (creator of the pixiebob breed) was so enthralled with Pixie’s personality she wanted to create a thousand cats like her.

I strongly believe that, as a minimum, as responsible breeders we have to: If a kitten is to have the best chance to be happy in your home, he must be hand-raised with lots of attention and love in a home setting. It's impossible to do that if you're mass-producing kittens. Many good breeders limit themselves to one or two litters a year (depending, of course, on the size of the litters) but NOT from the same mother. AVOID Breeders advertising "kittens always available"! That means lots of litters per year.
Breed pixiebobs with a view to breeding better pixiebobs than their current breeding stock, in accordance with the TICA standard. Before contacting any breeder, you should read the breed standard and know what it says about color, eyes, legs and so o Check our page: Standard
Ensure that all breeding stock and off-spring are registered with TICA (check our page: Our lines and Types)
Consider the health of the pixiebob and follow the good policy, regarding the maximum age and number or frequency of litters;
Permanently identify breeding stock by microchip

Have their vet check their kittens the week prior to them going to their new homes.
Give in the contract their vet references.
Adequately socialize the kittenss and provide advice on future training;
Provide a written contract
Provide written advice on feeding and suggest vaccine programmes
Provide a written record of the immunization measures taken
Can explain genetic disorders in the breed. (when backyard breeders can't explain, or worse yet, never heard of genetic disorders in the breed)
Responsible breeders do genetic testing precisely to make responsible decision in their breeding programmes. Scientific testing is now so far advanced there is no reason to make breeding choices blindly. Breeders that don't test don't know what health issues they are dealing with and likely don't care.
Can show you the health checks on the parents that should have been done before the breeding ever took place.
Provide reasonable post-sales telephone advice
Re-home the pixiebob if required at any time during the pixiebob life.

What makes a pet quality kitten and why they are different than that of a show or breeder quality kitten.
The standard calls for a very wild bobcatty appearance. It takes several, several characteristics together to make this look. Some kittens get ALL the characteristics needed to complete this wild look. These would be on the more rare side, and thus, because of their wonderful appearance, are the standard, because they FIT the standard so well, because they look more wild than domestic.

Then there are other kittens who are missing some of the bobcat characteristics, some so much so that they look more domestic than wild. That would be a pet QUALITY kitten, because the appearance is compromised, and the wild look may be lost to an extent, and even in some catteries, "the look" is altogether missing. I know that some breeders have more of a purist attitude

I have allowed myself to be mentored for almost 3 years by Carol Ann so that I can get the complete history and genetics information from her (which she now keeps close to her) and to purchase wonderful breeding cats from her...and because they are such wonderful cats I rarely see a pet QUALITY kitten bor

HOWEVER, we do allow breeder/show kittens to be placed as pets, and this is what most people call us for...kittens who LOOK like the bobcat as much as possible yet areplaced in family homes as PETS. They qualify to be in the ring and to be producing future kittens for the breed but are allowed to go to special homes to be a companio And as Carol Ann always says, a pet home is the best home!

So, if you are looking for a lower priced kitten, one who doesn't look quite as wild in appearance, another breeder may show you a kitten like this....but I am truly not sure that this is what you are looking for.

Feel free to let me know what you think, regarding the direction in which you wish to go, and I will do my best to help you find the kitten of your dreams.

The health & personality of the pixiebob are the keys to a great pet. Some have different personalities, so find one that fits you and your family. Don’t be side tracked by, “I must have the perfect purebred to be happy” syndrome. Most reputable pixiebob breeders want their pixiebobs to go to the right homes, so ask the breeder for suggestions and help with selecting the perfect pixiebob for you.

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