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The Pixie Bob is a naturally occuring breed of cat that originated in the Northwest region of the United States. They were discovered in Washington state by Carol Brewer, who with few others went on to establish the breed with the T.I.C.A. board and get them excepted as a new breed. They earned their championship status in 1994. They are a domestic breed of cat that is bred specifially, to look like a coastal red bobcat. Their feral appearance, hides their true nature of dog like personalities. They are loving, happy companions who are intelligent and fun to have. They have a more laid back personality and are generally not a very vocal cat. Preferring to talk in mostly chirps and chitters. They have short tails, brown spotted coats, may have polydactyl or straight feet and lynx tip ears. They come in long and short hair, are considered to be medium to large size cats. They get along with cats, dogs and when raised with kindness make excellent family pets. They travel well and train to harness. Pixie Bobs like to be with you and love to play with toys, often carrying their toys around. They are also sometimes fond of washing you with their rough tongues.

G~G Ranch's pixiebobs

breeder: Gail Andersen

I recently moved to Grand Junction area of Colorado.

phone number: 707 291-4937

e.mail: gbargranch@yahoo.com

a few words about me...

I fell in love with the pixiebob breed around 8 years ago, after seeing them in a local cat show. I later purchased a pet pixie and after 6 mos. of owning him, I had to have more and decided to take the plunge into breeding and showing them. My life has always involved animals. I grew up on a small, gentleman’s farm. We had a rabbitry and lots of farm animals. I have shown cattle, horses in several disciplines and done 12 yrs of rescue work with a local organization, Forgotten Felines. I had the chance to work with many breeds of cat, but dealt mostly with the taming and socializing of young feral kittens and cats to get them ready for adoptio This was my area of specialty. From this I learned a lot about cat psychology.

I work in the healthcare field. My animals are what keeps me grounded and relieves the stresses of my work a day life. However, my profession has taught me much about the human condition and how animals can benefit us. It is the knowledge of science, medicine, bone structure and body condition that I am fortunate to bring to my breeding program. Temperament is the most important factor in my program. Without a good temperament, the rest of the cat is unimportant. Followed closely by health, correctness of movement and body structure, beauty and type to the Pixie Bob TICA standard.

My cattery is small and all the kittens are born and raised in the house. They are given a series of vaccinations that include FELV, wormed, on a flea control program and pets are spayed/neutered before going to their adoptive home. In the time they are with me I evaluate their temperament, socialize them to dogs and other cats and start them on house manners training. Every effort is made to match kitten~cat to the lifestyle the new adoptive owner leads and the other existing members of that household, be it human or animal. This means that I will not always have the correct animal for you, as I will not place an animal in a particular situation if I don’t see it as a good match for both the animal and the huma All cats are health tested for FELV, Feline aids and given an exam by my vet before entering my breeding program.

I am active in the cat show world; this gives me a chance to get a judge’s opinion on my kittens and cats. Show competition also allows me to visualize the things I need improve on, to better the breeding of my animals. It also serves me to see what other breeders are bringing to the show ring. You have a different perspective when viewing your cats, against other Pixie Bob breeder’s animals.

I place most of my kittens locally or through showing, but will ship within the United States

On my kittens page are some of my available kittens.
Feel free to contact me for any questions about the pixiebob breed, my pixiebobs, my available kittens.

Gail Andersen, G bar G Ranch pixiebobs

Phone: Phone: 707 291-4937
e.mail: gbargranch@yahoo.com

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